Introduction to Leaders - Marriage Is a Ministry

Family Discipleship Ministries thanks you for responding to the call of making disciples (Matthew 28:19).  The Leaders Guide is designed to help you in the process of discipling others while going through the Marriage Is a Ministry video series.  If you have already watched the series, then you know that the message taught by Pastor Craig Caster is a powerful, no-nonsense, inspiring message that has helped thousands of men and women around the world understand God’s will in fulfilling their role as a husband or a wife.  This series can be used for pre-marital counseling or for struggling married couples.
The Marriage Is a Ministry video series contains all of the tools necessary for individual couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, one-on-one discipleship, or to successfully run a small group.  Some different types of small groups include a church small group (primarily reaching people within your own body or existing Sunday school classes), a neighborhood small group (including invited neighbors, friends, family members, your child’s schoolmate’s parents and or sports teammate’s parents), as well as a women's or men’s small group, a discipleship group, or home bible study group.  This series will help you in all of these settings and will prove beneficial for any discipler.
Through this series, Pastor Craig Caster will do most of the teaching, but your part is very important.  When you follow the Leaders Guide, you will be able to bring understanding to those that are struggling and help them to know what God has called them to do as husband or wife no matter how long they have been walking apart from God’s will.
Remember, it is critical for you to know and apply God’s principles for marriage in your own home before you can disciple someone else (see 1Timothy 3:5).  It is not about waiting until you are perfect and flawless, but you must be walking in the right direction with some real faith and maturity.  If you have not yet watched the complete video series and implemented God’s principles in your own marriage, we suggest you do this before trying to lead a class or disciple others.
May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family, and use you to disciple others in their marriage.

This video series is a 7-week study; each session lasting 120 minutes as explained in the Wordbook & Leaders Guide.
To view the Marriage Is a Ministry series you can:

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2.    Watch them online from our website - click here.

3.    Download the series through iTunes to watch on computer or other compatible device - Audio / Video.

Marriage Is A Ministry (MIAM)
As you will see below, there are workbooks that you can download in PDF format.
You will need Adobe Reader in order to open it.  If you do not have it, Click Here (it is a free resource)


 Getting started:

1.    Download Leader's Guide with Workbook (this is for the leader directing the class).

2.    Download Workbook (to be given to the individuals taking the class).

3.    Download Church Family Ministry Discipleship Plan (a vision for Family Ministry).
4. Leaders Discipling Leaders
Simple steps in raising up and training other leaders to teach the video series in your churches.




Workbooks are designed to be printed double sided.


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