Suicidal Thoughts & Unforgiveness

Q: The wife of one of the couples we are counseling has suicidal
thoughts especially in the evening.  In our sessions, she still hasn't
broke through to truly forgiving her husband and close relatives for
the various hurts.

Now she is under medical care which includes visits to a pyschologist.
We couldn't risk not insisting that she see a doctor especially as her
suicidal thoughts intensified as we showed her the need for

Thanks for your input on this one.

A: This woman you are counseling, let me make a few suggestions.
Mathew 5:21-26 reveals some important truths and consequences when a
person is unwilling to trust God and follow His plan to be healed.
Verse 25 says if anyone is harboring resentment, unforgiveness, anger
and bitterness toward someone they are in danger of serious
consequences.  Math 18:21-35, Math. 6:14-15, Math 11:25, Luke 11:4
makes it very clear we are never justified to harbor bitterness or
resentment toward anyone.  In 2 Cor. 2:5-11 we learn that satan has
the ability to take advantage of us in some way if we do not forgive
others.  Spiritual warfare is a fact and every one experiences
oppression from the enemy satan.  Our adversary has the ability to speak lies,
harassment, fears, doubts and many other things like self-mutilation
or even suicide into our thoughts.  Eph 6:10-13 makes it very clear
the spiritual war that is raging around us and the biggest battle
ground is in our minds. In Eph 4:25-32 says we can grieve the Holy
Spirit by our actions or evil heart toward another.  So that is why in
Math. 5:23-24 says when you come to God to give and receive from him,
He says you first MUST go and be reconciled with your brother.  If we
are grieving the Holy Spirit we are unable to receive His grace, His
power to fight the attacks from our enemy leaving us vulnerable to a
greater volume and frequency of the oppression of the enemy.  Rom.
13:8 tells us we owe everyone love, and in 1 Cor. 13:4-7 it tells us
that loving someone includes forgiveness and thinking no evil of them.
So, when a person is unwilling to trust the Lord and pay that debt to
anyone God says we owe, then they are placing themself in this prison
Math 5:25-26 talks about.  It is not a physical place but a state of
mind, a sense of imprisonment. Feelings of hopelessness, doubt, fear,
confusion, depression and believing they are powerless of doing
anything to be set free.  Other thoughts and temptations that are
common when someone is in this prison are, suicide, self mutilation,
hurting others and blaming others for their state of mind. Math 5:26
says a person will remain in this prison until they have paid that
debt in full.  It is very important for the person we are counseling
to understand this spiritual law and the consequences when one chooses
to break it.  It is a step of faith and the healing and power to obey
and have victory over the satanic oppression comes from the Holy
Spirit alone.  In 1 Cor. 10:13  God gives us a promise that He has
given us all we need to endure the trials and face every adversity.
If we do not obey His command to forgive others because we believe we
are unable to or, it is to hard, then we are telling God He is a liar
and He did not take something in consideration when He created us and
saved us!  Satan loves God's children to do this for he knows it hurts
God and brings painful consequences upon the person, "imprisonment".
I hope this helps my friend

May the Lord give you great wisdom to help those who need to be set free, AMEN


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