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The Power of a Praying Wife
Stormie Omartian

This book has sold more than 3,000,000 copies and has encouraged countless women to trust God for their marriages. Omartian's key insights are revealed through real-life illustrations, inspiring Scriptures, encouraging quotes, and sample prayers to help every wife pray for her husband's spiritual walk, future, emotions, role as father and leader, security in work and finances, and health.
Any woman who desires a closer relationship with her husband will enjoy receiving this refreshing look at the power of prayer in marriage.


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Practice-of-the-PresenceThe Practice of the Presence of God
Brother Lawrence

At any moment and in any circumstance, the soul that seeks God may find Him, and practice the presence of God.
Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-century French monk, learned to practice the presence of God at all times. And you can, too. Here in one volume are two classic works by Brother Lawrence. Each book reveals how to practice God's presence and see His glory in every facet of your life.
The Practice of the Presence of God is a collection of documented conversations and letters that reveal the heart of this humble man. He wrote, "The time of business does not with me differ from the time of prayer, and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen . . . I possess God in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the blessed sacrament."

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Abide in Christ
Andrew Murray

This book simplifies the teachings of Jesus down into three words: "Abide in me." If a believer will simply strive to abide in Christ, all the other benefits will result. Joy overflowing, fruitful ministry, answered prayer, etc. "Abide in Christ" reminds us with depth and simplicity what life in Christ should be like. If you desire to live a holy life, but don't understand how, this is the book for you. Christ said, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light." If that is not your experience, this book reveals the secret. Written in a 31-chapter format, "Abide in Christ" is perfect for a daily devotional. Andrew Murray's work is easy to read, rich in biblical truth, and reminds us that it is God who grafts us (as branches) onto the vine (Christ). He nourishes us and provides for us and loves us to help us become faithful followers and doers, which leads to us becoming fruitful and productive for the kingdom of God.


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Bringing Home the Prodigals
Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons' message is for anyone who cares about prodigals. He urges us to be released from false guilt, to stop judging each other, and to remember that God, the perfect parent, has trouble with his children, too.

He challenges the church to recognize the part it has played in creating prodigals and says, when our prodigals do come home, pray that they meet the father first and not the elder brother! But this is not just for other people. We suddenly see that the dirty, tear-stained face coming down the road is our face. And then we discover what, deep in our heart, we knew all along: we are the prodigal.

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Prodigals and Those Who Love Them
Ruth Bell Graham
Ruth Bell Graham knew about prodigals-two of her five children were spiritual wanderers.This is not a "how to" book that dispenses easy advice on ways to win back a prodigal. Instead, it is a collection of readings one woman turned to for comfort when her children wandered from God. It shows how Graham's faith persevered and grew regardless of the outcome of her prodigals' stories. Part One introduces readers to five prodigals who "returned to the father." Part Two offers comfort and encouragement through Scripture, poems, hymns, prayers, and more. Readers will be touched by the honest feelings of pain, frustration, and uncertainty Graham expresses so eloquently. And they will share in the lessons she learned about God's sovereignty and ultimate peace. Prodigals and Those Who Love Them brings peace and hope to all parents of "wayward" children.

Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook
June Hunt

In this book, June brings together 50 of the most common, urgent problems people struggle with. Each short, to-the-point chapter offers heartfelt encouragement, straight talk, and practical "how to" steps to begin the journey to victory on serious issues such as...difficult relationships, anger, depression, guilt, temptation, compulsive behaviors, loneliness, self-worth, grief, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Christian readers and counselors who are looking for a handbook that covers a wide variety of issues will appreciate June's compassionate and realistic solutions firmly based on God's Word. This versatile resource repeatedly affirms that Jesus Christ truly is the answer to every human need.

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How to Counsel God's Way
Bob Hoekstra

This book is about learning to counsel one another from the Word of God, living the Christian life and helping others do the same, and discerning the difference between biblical counsel and psychological counsel.



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The Psychologizing of the Faith
Bob Hoekstra
A subtle and deadly process is at work in the church today, in which the Christian faith is being "psychologized"-redefining the Christian faith by the intrusion of psychological thinking, related to secularism.  Many Christians still rely on the human experts who have been trained in psychological theory for counseling and direction for their lives. In this book, Pastor Bob Hoekstra calls the church to leave the broken cisterns of human wisdom and to return to the fountain of living water which flows from our wonderful counselor, Jesus Christ.
false intimacy

False Intimacy
Dr.Harry Schaumburg

With frank honesty, False Intimacy offers realistic direction to those whose lives or ministries have been impacted by sexual addiction while examining the roots behind these behaviors. This compelling book examines different aspects of sexual addiction, including shame, purity,and forgiveness, while exploring one's true identity and God-given sexuality.



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The Jesus Style
Gayle D. Erwin

The Jesus Style is used worldwide for training of new Christians and for pastors and leaders. The study guide in the book, written in applicational form, is carefully crafted to be used in small groups and by individuals. Whole churches have been brought alive by the book as well as individuals transformed.
In fewest words, this book develops the Nature of Jesus as He reveals that nature through his “Greatest in the Kingdom” teachings. When Jesus spoke of and described the greatest in the kingdom, usually in response to the arguing of his apostles, he was actually describing himself, since he was greatest in the Kingdom. The book reads easily and is devoid of religious jargon.

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A Shepard Looks at Psalm 23
W. Phillip Keller

'The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.' Travel the shepherd's path to the green pastures and cool, refreshing waters of Psalm 23. As a shepherd, Phillip Keller shares his insights into the life and character of sheep---and of the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for them. This beloved classic will give new meaning to the ageless Shepherd Psalm, enriching your trust in and love for the Lord who watches closely over you.



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Spiritual Leadership
J. Oswald Sanders

With more than 500,000 in print, Spiritual Leadership has proven itself a timeless classic in teaching the principles of leadership. J. Oswald Sanders presents and illustrates those principles through biographies of eminent men of God - men such as Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, David Livingstone, and Charles Spurgeon. // Christianity needs a powerful voice in today's world. Such a voice can come only from strong leaders guided by God and devoted to Christ. Spiritual Leadership will encourage you to place your talents and powers at His disposal so you can become a leader used for His glory. //


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Rock Solid: 12 Gospel Truths to Live By
David Jackman

Rock Solid aims to help us get to grips with Christian truth. If faith is not lived out, it is worth nothing. This book explains and clarifies these important and powerful doctrines, or ‘themes’, of the Bible so that we might have the comfort and assurance that comes from them, and so that we can make our life decisions by them. Each chapter focuses on one of these truths and includes a short Bible study and discussion questions aimed at stimulating our thinking and encouraging our action. Brief contemporary stories are also included to show how these particular truths have been used by God, either to bring men and women to Christ, or to teach them something of His ways in their lives.
This is primarily a book to be worked through. It is written in the hope that it will not simply be read straight through, but, in men’s or women’s groups, or informal small groups, it will be used as a means of getting a clear hold on the truths that define who we are as followers of Christ.

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The One Year Experiencing God's Presence Devotional: 365 Daily Encounters to Bring You Closer to Him
Chris Tiegreen

All of us long for God’s presence, and we sense it―occasionally. But there are times when what we call a “relationship with God” feels more like a relationship with our own habits, beliefs, and behaviors. What’s missing? Real encounters with him. Certainty that we have heard his voice. And a palpable sense that we are experiencing his presence every day. Like no other writer can, Chris Tiegreen draws us deeper into real intimacy with our intensely relational God. The One Year Experiencing God’s Presence Devotional will cultivate your sense of God’s presence in your life, help you learn to recognize his voice, and deepen your trust that he is “always ready to help” (Ps. 46:1) in every situation.

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Protecting His Workmanship: Teaching Your Child God's Desgin for Sexual Purity
Jeff and Pam Koehlinger

Talking to your child about sex is a conversation that cannot wait. This interactive guide book for the Christian family presents a unique, user-friendly, practical ‘birds and bees’ book. It opens and deepens the lines of communication between parent and child through interactive study sessions. It allows youth to discover God’s principles for purity for themselves through personal, direct study of God’s word. The result is parents who are well equipped to begin and continue the discussion about sex with their teens.Protecting His Workmanship is an experience to be shared, not just a book to be read. The careful design of this guide enables parents to proceed at a pace and level which meets their family’s individual needs. For parents and teens who desire a contemporary, biblical tool for facilities a discussion of the wonder of God’s design and purpose for marriage and sexual purity. For pastors, youth leaders and Christian counselors who want a book to refer to Christian families on this critical subject.

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