Pastor Craig has been in ministry for over 28 years and has taught in churches throughout the US and abroad.  He has spent countless hours encouraging and helping pastors and church leaders in their endeavors to implement discipleship in their churches.  This booklet will help you to better understand exactly what discipleship is. It will also help church leaders to formulate a vision for their own discipleship strategies in their church and men's and women's ministries.

This outline has been written for the purpose of edifying the Christian church in the elements of the different components of family ministry. We have made some basic assumptions in preparing this material, such as: Most Christian churches are now performing some of the basic functions of family ministry that include pre-marital counseling, annual marriage retreats, men’s and/or women’s ministry bible study, small group home fellowship, and youth ministry. Our hope is that you will find this information helpful for enhancing discipleship of your church leaders and your flock in God’s will for the family.

Personal Discipleship Journey

It was during the year 1993 that I first experienced what I now call discipleship. At that time, when two longtime Catholic school buddies invited me to join them for a weekly Bible study, I had no idea that I was entering into a fellowship that God would use to transform my character, change my life and set a course for my future.

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What is Discipleship ?

The Lord Jesus Himself commissioned us to make disciples, teaching them to observe all things that He has taught us in His Word. One of the most important things we will ever do is tend to our family. Our families are far more important than our occupation, service and personal ambition. As a husband, a wife, and a parent, God does not want us to be ignorant of His instructions on how to fulfill His will in these important roles as His disciples.

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