God so wants to bless us, our families, and our churches, but we must choose to obey His Word. It is not sacrificing ourselves or our families that makes us better ministers for Christ; it is doing the will of God in our life. 1 Samuel 15:22-23
God even gives pastors warning not to be flippant or irresponsible about putting people in leadership positions.
1 Timothy 3:5
(for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?);
In 1 Timothy 3:10 it says, But let these also first be tested; then let them serve as deacons, being found blameless.
“…first be tested…” means a season of faithful obedience in tending to and fulfilling the will of God in these specific areas.
The pastor has the authority and has been charged by God to disciple his leadership. Those sheep whom the Lord has given unique gifts to edify the body must first be discipled and given a season to implement and walk in obedience. It is so important that the pastor exhorts his leadership to see these instructions as priorities that need to be implemented in their life – not just suggestions. Our obedience or lack of has a significant effect upon the ministry God has called us to.
Proverbs 13:13
He who despises the word will be destroyed, But he who fears the commandment will be rewarded.
It is common for pastors to meet with some opposition when they begin doing this with their leadership. Some feel threatened and others feel it is unnecessary because they feel or believe they don’t need any help in these areas. As a pastor, reassure them the reason why you are doing this is 1Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 2:7. As leaders, their very lives are affecting the body of Christ and when they have an opportunity to give advice, disciple or counsel someone, as the pastor, you want to make sure they are giving the Word and not their own opinion.
When new people wish to become involved in church leadership, either the pastor or another leader he designates should disciple these people through the material and allow a season for implementation in their home before bringing them on as part of the church leadership (see Minister Application). If they are not married or do not have children, maybe a music leader or youth pastor, they still need to be discipled so they know the will of God in these areas. Today much of the church’s approach in this area is reactionary, after the crisis has occurred. Ideally, discipleship is more about prevention, not intervention.
Many pastors today have never been discipled themselves so they are unclear about the full meaning of discipling someone according to the pattern of the Lord. It is not just giving people a book to read and then randomly meeting with them to ask them what they learned. Nor is it just having them come to a class setting and going through a video series. Discipling others means you are teaching them step-by-step,

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setting goals, and identifying the areas that need to change with a level of accountability. This is why, in all our material, there is not only workbooks that
accompany the DVD series but there is also homework that involves helping you to accomplish these tasks. The importance of a pastor doing this with his leadership is he is not only following the example Jesus demonstrated in discipling the Apostles, he is also teaching them how to disciple others.

Opportunity 2

Marriage Classes: Use the Marriage is a Ministry 7 week Audio or DVD series, which includes a Small Group Leaders Guide, workbook, and a personal devotional workbook. We suggest offering quarterly classes so people can plug in easily without waiting until they find themselves in the midst of a crisis. They can be done in a home setting or a church setting. These classes are great for pre-marital couples as well as seasoned veterans. Keep in mind and be in prayer about raising up marriage mentors who can come alongside those couples who are really struggling with breaking the old sinful habits and developing those new godly ones. It is good also to be praying about raising up others who can lead the class so the same persons are not over burdened. We offer on-line training at to help leaders to effectively utilize the materials to disciple others in marriage.

Opportunity 3

Parenting Classes: Use the Parenting is a Ministry 9 week audio or DVD series. Offer quarterly classes for all families to attend whether traditional, blended, or single parents. They can be done in home or church settings. You can also include this material as part of premarital counseling for blended family couples. Pray and seek the Lord’s guidance for raising up parent mentors to help teach and disciple others as a class leader or one-on-one discipler.

Opportunity 4

Counseling: When people come in for counseling this is one of the best opportunities we have to disciple them in the particular area in which they are
seeking help. What is discipleship focused counseling? 1) It is helping the person being counseled to understand why and how the situation exists in their life. 2)
Training (discipling) them in the biblical ways of dealing with the problem. 3) Helping them learn how to live their life, in a particular area (marriage or parenting), as the Word of God instructs. Discipleship focused counseling focuses on the root of the problem instead of temporarily treating the symptoms. Pray and seek the Lord’s guidance for raising up counselors with the spiritual gifts to help disciple others in the area of marriage and parenting. Counselors must be
equipped to disciple those that are in need of counsel in these areas, and not just dealing with the particular problems at hand.

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