Good counseling has these elements:

1. Brings understanding to the origin of the problem, sin, hurts or ignorance.
2. Identify the fruit stemming from the problem, behaviors, wrong thinking, bad habits, etc.
3. Disciple them using God’s Word as the antidote to both deal with the origin of the problem and the training up to the correct way of thinking and living.
This includes marriage and parenting training.

Both the Marriage and Parenting DVD series, along with the corresponding workbooks & homework are great tools in Discipleship Focused Counseling. Contact
us for a detailed strategy in using the DVD series and supplemental counseling questionnaire.

Opportunity 5

Baby Dedications: We are asking God to bless this child and family, but also it is a public acknowledgment of dedicating this child unto the Lord (Prov 22:6). The whole premise of dedicating this child unto the Lord is the commitment to raise this child up as the Lord instructs in His Word. We, the church, must take this public dedication seriously and if we do, we will first investigate if the parents have ever been trained up (discipled) in the way God desires this child to be raised.

If parents have never received any training in this area or you are unfamiliar with the training they did receive, the church can make it a requirement to complete the Parenting is a Ministry video series and workbook before a date will be set for the baby dedication. The first appointment is to explain what a baby dedication is all about and why it is important to be trained up (discipled) in how to raise your child as unto the Lord. You can refer them to one of the parenting classes or meet one-onone. I strongly encourage you to not just give them the video series and have them go through it. If they cannot join a class, then it is important to meet with them after they have completed each session in the DVD series.

Opportunity 6

Youth Ministries: The youth pastor position gives him important insight into the lives of the families he is pastoring. It is important to establish communication between the youth pastor, the family pastor (if applicable), and the senior pastor to discuss the conditions of the families within the church. This will help you strategize how you can best reach out to those families who are struggling in the parenting and/or marriage area.

This is why it is so important to train youth pastors and assistants in God’s plan in raising children. Youth pastors need this training in order to effectively minister to their youth and identify the possible problems that may be happening within the home. It is also common for parents to call or meet with the youth pastor for help and/or advice in raising their children. The youth pastors have many opportunities to encourage and exhort the youth in God’s plan for authority and submitting to their

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parents’ discipline. If they are not trained in this, they may be giving incorrect or incomplete counsel.

Many parents will attend a 2 hour training (if offered) in how to disciple their own children. Today, less than 10% of Christian parents have a regular Bible Study in
their homes and the main reason why is that they have never been trained how. Teaching parents how to implement an ongoing Bible Study with their children and
providing age appropriate material is vital to us changing the tide of so many of our children walking away from their faith when they leave our homes.

Youth Mentoring & Discipleship: There are many single parent families in society today and youth with non-Christian parents. This is the primary focus for a youth
mentoring and discipleship program. This is a great opportunity to share the love of Christ with a child that has little or no relationship with their absentee father or
mother (James 1:27). Pray and seek the Lord’s guidance for raising up a coordinator for the youth mentoring program with the spiritual gifts to help disciple others in the area of youth mentoring according to God’s Word. Visit our website at; for a complete guide in how to get a youth mentoring program started.

Discipling Training: The Great Commission given to us by Jesus Himself is: “Go therefore and make disciples…Matthew 28:19-20. Yet today, if you walked up and asked Christians if they are a disciple, many would respond with, “What do you mean?” Most Christians believe that being discipled is attending a 6 week class on what it means to be a Christian. Although this is important, it falls very short of what Jesus meant when He exhorted the Church to go and make disciples.

Jesus, the best teacher there ever was and will be, spent 3 years pouring Himself into 12 men and we think we can do this in 6 weeks? We need to teach Christians what it means to answer the call of being a disciple of Christ; how to come alongside other believers and teach them how to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, what we believe as Christians, and also, if married or have children, how to fulfill God’s will in these areas.

Titus 2:1-10 exhorts the older (mature Christians) to disciple the younger (baby Christians) in these things. Not only do we need to teach them how to disciple, but
also what to disciple, providing good biblical tools to equip the disciplers, to help them be more effective and strategic in discipling others is very important. This also helps the pastor to ensure consistency of what is being taught.

How to Begin:

1) Pray. It is very clear by both the conditions of many of our families within the body of Christ and the blindness and apathy toward this crisis that
Satan has and is at work here. We must bind the enemy by praying for the hurting families, praying for God to raise up leaders in this area, and
praying for God’s protection as you move forward in your family ministry.

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