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Pastor Craig Caster is the Founder and Director of Family Discipleship Ministries. In early 1992, Craig received a clear call from the Lord to minister to families. At this point in his life, Craig was the Vice President of a large developing company in San Diego, California and had spent 8 years in lay ministry serving marriages as well as youth ministry. During that year, the Lord began to reveal the vision for this ministry and in January 1993, Craig left his career for full-time ministry. In 1994 Family Discipleship Ministries became a non-profit ministry in San Diego, California.

Craig has gained a reputation among many evangelical churches as a trusted resource for family counseling, seminars, and family ministry resources. He has developed biblically based marriage and parenting tools and taught thousands through seminars hosted in churches around the country and abroad. These biblical seminars have been embraced by the county of San Diego, and meet the requirement for parents under court order to attend parenting classes.

Craig has served in several school and community based organizations. In 1997, Craig was asked by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office to help design their Parenting Project in collaboration with the police department, juvenile probation, and the county courts. The early intervention program provides support and resources for parents and troubled teens. In addition, under Craig’s leadership, Family Discipleship Ministries developed and implemented a youth mentoring ministry for children from single-parent families, foster care, and group homes with over 400 graduates between 1994 and 2000.

Craig has been a special guest on many Christian radio shows across the country and hosted his own radio show for 4 years in San Diego CA. He is an author and inspiring teacher. He has trained internationally in many countries, teaching pastors and leaders how to implement discipleship focused family ministry.

Craig has been married since 1980. He and his wife are the parents of three children, Nicholas, Justin, and Katelyn.

For more on Pastor Craig's journey, view his personal discipleship story here.


About Family Discipleship Ministries

Family Discipleship Ministries is a non-profit ministry that was established in 1994, under the Founder and Director Pastor Craig Caster. The main purpose of this ministry is to support, educate, and train the body of Christ to more effectively minister to families. To accomplish this goal, we offer family counseling, teaching seminars on marriage, parenting, discipleship and church family ministry implementation. Family Discipleship Ministries also offers numerous materials in video and audio format, workbooks, paperback, and online resources in English as well as several other languages.

The vision of Family Discipleship Ministries is to reach out to Christian churches, enabling them to disciple their congregations in marriage and parenting. To date thousands of parents throughout the US and abroad have completed our biblical marriage and parenting classes hosted in churches as well as through our free online classes.


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