When parents better understand these changes and learn how they manifest themselves through different behaviors, they then can better respond in love and with the correct discipline.
This series also provides practical ways to discipline their teens and how parents can work together as a team. God designed this season we call adolescence and He has given us His Word to guide us in all things, even parenting teens.

This series on dating will help you understand why we, as parents and youth leaders, must be educated and take an offensive approach in order to guard and guide our youth. It addresses such topics as how to have healthy friendships with the opposite sex, the importance of parents maintaining a positive and loving relationship with their teens, establishing boundaries, and keeping the lines of communication open during the exciting and often challenging teen years.


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"We're Just Talking"
This is a short, impactful article about the importance of being intentional in dating.
It dispels the current trend of the "just talking" or "just seeing each other" stage in dating.

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