Understanding Teens

Dear Parents and Leaders,

Understanding Teens: is not a oxymoron. This audio series and workbook will help parents better understand the developmental and emotional changes adolescences are going through.
When parents better understand these changes and learn how they manifest themselves through different behaviors, they then can better respond in love and with the correct discipline.
This series also provides practical ways to discipline their teens and how parents can work together as a team. God designed this season we call adolescence and He has given us His Word to guide us in all things, even parenting teens.
Pastor Craig Caster is a father of three grown children, a former youth pastor, and the founder and director of Family Discipleship Ministries. He is convinced that the only reliable source for true answers to our questions is found in the Word of God.


Understanding Teens
As you will see below, there is a workbook that you can download in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Reader in order to open it.  If you do not have it, Click Here (it is a free resource)

Getting Started:
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