It was such a wonderful class and, I speak for my family as well as the pastor’s, perfect timing. As our kids (the “PK’s” of the bunch) are knee deep in the teenage season, and going to the deep end, we have been blessed by Craig’s teaching. It’s a wonderful thing to not be groping around in the dark, but to have a firm, solid grasp on the raising and training of your own children. And it’s we’re so glad to have these resources to pass along to the rest of the body. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord even when it may be challenging, monotonous and tiring.
In His Grip,


Hi Craig,

I don’t know if you remember me, but you helped with our son about ten years ago. I still remember how God used you during an important crossroad in my son’s life. It is a blessing to receive your newsletters and see how God has continued to grow your ministry and increase the variety of books and tools available to teach God’s principles about family to people around the world. I ask that God will continue to give me a heart to pray for you and your ministry and that God will continue to provide for the needs of Family Discipleship Ministries.

Your Brother in Christ,

Bonita, CA


"I think this seminar is very valuable and much needed for Russian, Christian families and non-Christians as well...it gives a biblical view on parent/child relationships and practical ways of applying it. It makes one think and examine his relationship with his child and want to improve it. On the whole, Russian, Christian families are either very young or have been together during the Soviet era or the fall of it and...lack strong...biblical foundation in the area of family relationships."

-Pastor Vlad and Svesta Oplev
Moscow, Russia


“The seminar is great…we didn’t think parenting was a ministry. We wish Him to strengthen our efforts to take care of our child in His own will… “
-Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Majekodunmi
Moscow, Russi


“…it was a discovery to find out that my children are the tools God uses to change me…my children are indeed a gift from the Lord and I should be a pastor to them as well as a teacher…they are my sheep who may stray away if I neglect them…I have to keep from having double standards when I am one way with them in public and another way in private. “

-Igor and Jenica Yentaltsev
Moscow, Russia


"…the part on forgiveness spoke to me…I (Alex) realized that I need to forgive my parents for their mistakes…"
-Alex & Johnne Orelchikov
Moscow, Russia


“…I am overwhelmed in how much this seminar has stirred emotions in me. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute…I really enjoyed the analogies and the personal accounts…”
San Diego, CA


“We thought it was awesome! Can’t wait to get home and put all these new tools to use!”
-Ken & Suzy
San Diego, CA


“It has made us examine our lives and realize that we need to spend time with God daily to build a strong foundation. People often say that children don’t come with instructions. But they do! Those instructions are the principles that God has laid out for us in the Bible.”
-Kevin and Ginger
Des Moines, IA


“This applies to all relationships that I have…I recommend this seminar to anybody who is in ministry or desires to be in ministry, whether they will be working with children or not. This makes us look at ourselves and our hearts and that’s what determines how we deal with relationships in our lives.”
-Ralph & Rebecca
Des Moines, IA


“God had a reason for us being here. We saw what we were doing right (20%) and what we were doing wrong (80%).”
-Rob and Vicki
Lakeside, CA


“Should be mandatory for all church member parents.”
-Jim & Randi
Lake Elsinore, CA


“You have given my family a new start.”
Lake Elsinore, CA


“…help get your family on a collision course with God’s Word…we were so happy with the encouragement and joy we came away with…a genuine excitement to see how God is so ready to bless us in our walk with Him.”
-Rob and Janys
Wildomar, CA


“Thank you for giving me hope through God’s Word. I feel like I can reverse my own childhood and be a mother that I did not have…”
La Habra, CA


“This seminar has helped to equip us fully in areas we were lacking or not understanding…We look forward to being able to finally apply these tools properly, the way God wants.”
-Shane & Diana
Blue Springs, MO


“We were very blessed by what you shared and taught. I was a little apprehensive going into it, but felt those apprehensions disappear. This seminar seems both realistic and practical. It’s also been very convicting since it’s biblically based.”
-Chuck & Amber
St. Joseph, MO


“Thanks for excluding the psycho-babble we have become so used to hearing even in the Christian arena. No more parenting by the seat of our pants!”
-Steven & Vanessa
Perris, CA


“…now I know there is hope and its not as hard as I expected.”
Wildomar, CA


“I found this seminar a total blessing. I wish I would have known this 18 years ago!”
Murrieta, CA


“Thank you, especially for the in-depth study of 1 Corinthians 13. It has opened our eyes and our hearts to God’s truth about love and communication.”
-Jonathan & Kristy
Murrieta, CA


“Enlightening, eye-opening, hard-hitting, and painful. Great concrete things to do to reach goals and recognition of my responsibility.”
Perris, CA


“…I was so worried that things in our home would not change because I didn’t know what to do. But now my eyes are open and I’m glad there’s a new and much better way.”
-Chris & Michele
Lake Elsinore, CA


“I’m very thankful for this seminar. It has allowed me to look at myself with open eyes. I’ve always taken their rebelliousness as an attack on myself…I always seem to get angry because I felt they should know the difference between right and wrong or good and bad. I never really looked at my role as the teacher or minister!”
Lake Elsinore, CA


“The issues brought forth are so important and pertinent in the success of your children’s future, it should be a requirement upon child birth!”
-Tim & Robin Bartee
Lake Elsinore, CA


“Although I felt convicted by the mistakes I am making as a parent,…this class has prepared me and will enable me to understand God’s perfect design for me. It’s informative, easy to understand, and it’s filled with biblical references and principles.”
Oceanside, CA


“ We…can’t wait to get home and start implementing the lessons conveyed to us. “
-Dave & Paige
Oceanside, CA


“This class has given me direction in my recommitment to my Christian life. To be the parent God intended me to be and to remind me Christopher is not mine but a child God entrusted to me. Thank you so much. I look forward to my new walk.”
-Michelle Lessa
Oceanside, CA


“We have received so very much information that will help us both to become better parents and with God’s guidance we will build from our children mature adults in Christ.”

-Ron & Marisol
Oceanside, CA


“This class has opened my eyes and helped me to understand how to use God’s strength and wisdom in my job as a parent. I never realized how applicable and critical biblical principles are to raising children. I am discovering how to love and disciple my children through God’s eyes and according to His will not mine. This training has been the answer to my prayer to become a better parent.”

Oceanside, CA


"This class was a great refresher course for me to use in counseling to help others to build their parenting skills on God’s Word and way…interesting and helpful, especially in the practical instruction for the different age groups."

Oceanside, CA


"…this seminar…convicted my heart in many areas that I was failing at. I learned many new techniques in how to handle the difficult situations. I was allowing myself to get out of control and allowing my anger to rule."

Oceanside, CA


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